Diamper Clean Energy

Provide effective solar solution

Diamper is a clean energy council approved installer and retailer. We are a custom oriented team of accredited electricians, solar energy designers and installers and engineers. We supply quality custom designed solar energy solutions provided to your consumption needs to achieve your efficiency for your solar energy system.
Our skilled team of electricians, solar energy designers and installers offer the latest solar pv panels, inverters and batteries.


For a free consultation contact us. We’ll be in touch to answer any questions, and schedule an on-site assessment if suitable.


A solar consultant will visit your property to confirm you to design a bespoke system specific to your needs.


We’ll put together a no obligation quote customised to your property.


Our experts will design your system and create blueprints ready for the installers to action.


To move with it, our team of experts  apply for electricity utility approval to connect your solar system from the required  authorities. As we strongly believe in quality of time, We make sure that  our job is done within the time frame. Moreover we always help you with all the required documentation.


Once you’re generating solar power your actual import and export data will show on your bill and be able to see exactly how much energy you’ve sold and used in real time, using our energy monitor for solar.

Adorn your Home with Green Energy

At Diamper Electricals we are passionate about renewable energy and it’s positive impact on the environment. It is the most plentiful, accessible and least expensive power source in the world.The whole idea of the solar project is to do something useful and replace dirty energy with clean energy.

Save the Planet

Go solar today, so you can leave a safe Planet to your kids tomorrow!

Cut your bill

Going solar will significantly cuts you energy consumption bills!

Control your energy

Solar energy will empower both individuals & businesses in regulating the power consumption!

Long-time warranty

Most manufacturers provide a Long-time warranty for their panels

Why choose us?

1. Safe and Reliable

We have a strong track record in safety, reliability , affordability and customer satisfaction. We are ISO and CEC accredited.

2. Project experience

We have experience in installing large commercial projects including roof top and ground mounted solar,large battery installations, diesel generation solution and power factor correction.

3. Quality Guaranteed

We are specialists in renewable energy and Electrical contracting. We are a company truly focused and committed to quality. This is proven through our attitude, materials, workmanship,design principles and a genuine honest approach towards everything we do

3. The Financial benefits

Solar packages comes with  0$ upfront cost and instant approval on financing,
Full range of warranty, Our ‘Peace of Mind’ guarantee,
Lower energy costs for 25+ years , Insulate yourself from rising energy costs.

We are experienced technical team, got more than 21 years of experience in solar installation in both commercial and residential

Panels We Use

If you want to harness the power of the sun and generate your own renewable solar energy, Solar is for you.

We’ve been in the renewable energy business for a while so we’re here to look after you every step of the way, from personalised quotes and a quality solar installation, right through to post installation support.

Solar power inverter

Our latest hybrid inverters come with an integrated battery management system. We ensure the high quality inverter with a robust convection cooling system offer long lasting solar power systems. Don’t fall for other Low quality inverters which often unfortunately fail in the Australian climate. We have been supplying quality solar energy products, service and advice for many years.